What’s in your library?

Hey Everyone!

Today I am asking What’s in your Library?

By that I mean Who are your Favorite Authors, Poets,Composers, Illustrators, or Books?

What do you Prefer, Digital or Physical Print? Do you have a Favorite Reading Place? How about a certain drink or Snack that you like to Have?

My favorite authors include

  • Tamora Pierce
  • Andre Norton
  • Anne McCaffery
  • Piers Anthony
  • Donita K Paul
  • C. S. Lewis
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • and many More

You may notice that my taste leans for Science Fiction and Swords and Sorcery type books, but I also love a good adventure book.

As for Digital vs. Physical, Give me a real book any day, but for convenience sake and lack of storage space here at school, I have learned to embrace the E book. Mainly because my lone bookshelf holds all of my textbooks and technology, leaving no room for my lovely, wonderful smelling,and well-worn real books. Sigh….. Someday my pretties we will be reunited once more.

My go to reading snack is homemade popcorn with butter and a touch of salt, and a brimming pot of tea with sugar and cream nearby. I know that makes me sound old, I promise that is because most of my reading is done at night, after my coffee pot is off for the day.

So how about You? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch you on the flip Side,



One thought on “What’s in your library?

  1. My library has many of the same authors you like plus historicals and romance and mysteries. I’m not big on true stories because mostly I read to escape the world for a while and real stories are many times more than I can handle in the tagedy factor. I do enjoy inspirational stories like you find in Guideposts magazine. I too, have had to embrace e-books because sadly, some stories never make it to print. I have found that some books written for e-book may not be as well developed as books written for the print market and I have to wonder about that. Are we in so much of a hurry that we don’t have time for a “good” story? I will enjoy following you and Tiny.


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