Lazy Saturdays

Hey everyone,

I love warm weather, especially on a weekend when I am not working, Why? Because I am able to sit out on our school field, with my blankets, music, and craft until the sun goes down. And let me tell you, being able to comfortably sit outside is wonderful after being cooped up in dorms and classrooms all winter long.


This particular weekend I managed to complete the entire Scrap Hatty by Knit Knerd for my boyfriend in a day. For this project I was also trying out some new yarn and needles from my favorite knitting Podcast, Knit Picks’ Podcast with Kelly Petkun. I chose the yarn Mighty Stitch, because it is a worsted super wash wool and acrylic blend, perfect for cooler mornings. I also tried the Option Nickel Plated Fixed 16″ Circular. With the Options, needle I was initial skeptical because the needle is only about 3.5″ long, and I was putting pressure on the cable join as I knit. Needless to say after about an hour of knitting I was in love with the needles, the cable was nicely flexible, the join was smooth, and the stitches were flying across the nickel surface, Oh, and the silver color meant that I was able to easily see even while knitting the black stripes. To choose the stripe color and length, I printed some blank cube forms, and marked them with each of the three colors, and number of rounds by 2’s.IMG_20160228_114559_043

Now I know, that just sounded like an add for several products, and at this time, I am not being compensated for telling you about these items, but as a student on a budget, and a crafter, I do like to share about things that I have found to work well, and I like to recognize others for their work. And if you like what you see, this way you also have the chance to try it for yourself.

Until next time,

Gelfling and Tiny.


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