A Long Summer Later

Hello everyone!

I would like to apologize for such a long time since my last posts. I work as a camp counselor and my limited internet access location prevented me from being active.

This was my fourth summer working as a riding instructor here at camp, and it has once again reminded me as to why I work at camps each summer. Now some of my friends question my sanity when I tell them that once again I will be working at a location where I get paid less than mimium wage to watch other peoples children 24 hours a day for up to two weeks. Now part of the pay gap is made up of Room and Board and Training, but most of my pay comes in the form of memories. Watching my cabin of small ones learn to help each other with Kapers or camp chores, seeing that one kid who struggled all week with an activity finally get it right, and simply being able to watch and show the love of Christ to the children around me. Now while at camp I typically do not talk about religion, instead I do my best to be Christ-like in my actions and daily interactions.

My goal is to create a backlog of posts this month, August 2016, to have two posts per month. I am also wanting these to go out the second and fourth weeks likely on Monday or Tuesday depending on my schedule. I am a senior in college this year with less hours than before so I feel that this is a reasonable goal. Now, that is not to say that you will only see two posts, sometimes the mood strikes and I create several partial posts that are finished later, so you may see those as well.

Next post will be on What Tiny Tim the Goldfish taught me, and meeting his successors, Captains Pierce and Honeycutt.

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.



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