Blog U: Day 4-Audience

Hey Everyone,

Today I am supposed to identify my target audience. Now, if you do not feel that you meet the following description, please stick around, it will be just fine, here’s why:

  1. People who like eating- get my simplistic cooking/coffeepot cooking posts
  2. People who like yarn crafting, especially knitting can enjoy my crafting posts
  3. People who just enjoy a bit of random quirkiness can enjoy any post that they find interesting.

Ok for real now, I expect that most of my readers will be friends and family who know me or are attracted by a tag or particular post, or perhaps the goldfish will recruit them. Anywho, whoever finds my blog to be interesting, please enjoy.

I would also really really really appreciate that if you enjoy a post, especially if you are getting them via email, please pop over to the main site and like or comment or something, so that I will have incentive to continue putting in my time and effort…


Oh and since I am supposed to include a new media element, here is a picture of Niagara Falls, which I got to visit over the summer

On the left is the USA, on the right is Canada. The closest fall is American falls, Bridal Veil Fall is in the center(right edge of large fall), and Horseshoe falls is visible in the back.

Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand,



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