Yarntastic Knitting Adventures #2

Hey Everyone,

I am back with the Geldys sweater and a new FO. The Geldys has progressed a little, I am currently working through the raglan increases at the shoulder just before the sleeves split off and chill. The front neckline is wonky, I think I still misread the directions and likely missed some of the k2tog with wrap and turns. Oh well, the first picture is the front neckline and the second is the back neckline. I am making the sweater in the smallest size as I am only 4’8″.wp-1474319887051.jpgwp-1474319911110.jpg

And now for my most recent FO,the Baby Alpaca Grande Ribbed vest! I was inspired to finish the seaming by Dartmoor Yarn’s recent post where they finished a gorgeous baby sweater. Here it is Ladies and Gents, my Ribbed alpaca vest, Blue Fluffy!


Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand,



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