Howrse: Basic Training and B.L.U.P Part 2: Rides

Hey Everyone,

Today I will be going over the first stage of Blup: Rides.

All foals can do Foal Games to earn 60 extra skill points, 10 per skill. Player Dr. Zig has one of the best foal game schedules currently. Foal games are not required, but they will help with competitions. I will not be covering foal games at this time as many other players have done so quite will.

Your equine is now age 1 year 6 months. The option to play has been replaced by a Mash icon, which you will be able to use after age 2. The Rides bar is now visible, and you can do either Forest or Mountain Rides.


Each ride give skill to the six skills based on gp, so some skills will earn more points at a time. You will need to complete both rides to fully train your horse. You will finish the rides faster in a center of the same location, Forest rides while boarding at a forest center, etc. It can take up to 20 agings to finish each ride type since each ride needs 100 ride hours if you are not in the same center. If you horse is boarded in the same location, you only need 50 ride hours or about 10 agings. So without further ado here is the ride schedule for the first 4 ride agings, each is done the same way for 1.6-2.0.

Groom, ride 1 hour, carrot, drink, feed(see below), ride 5 hours, stroke, bed.


You want to feed the entire ration at once. You are also looking for maximum energy for the remainder of the day. Since you are normally feeding once per day here are the most common ratios of Fodder and Oats. Please note that some ponies and occasionally draught horse 2s will need slight changes.

8 Fodder=6 oat

10 Fodder= 7 oat

12 Fodder =9 oat

14 Fodder=11 oat

16 Fodder=12 oat

This Schedule works for all breeds and species.The day should end by 18:00 with 20%-25% energy.

Now once your equine is 2 years and 2 month, you get a few more things.

Mash and Missions.

Mash provide 10 energy points, 10 moral points, and 5 health points.


You will either do lessons or transport resources, depending on the center’s director. It can change day to day. Missions take 2 hours of time and 30 energy points. But you also gain at least .2 points in the top two skill for your horse, and Equus.  These skill points are in addition to genetic, much like foal games. You will only gain points up to age 25. Note: you are not required to do Missions and will be able to blup faster without then, BUT they are an easy way to gain equus and skill points and you often find bonuses such as comb, hoof pick, or tub of grease. If you decide not to do missions, you can use the same schedule as earlier. If you are doing missions:

Groom, Mission, Mash, Carrot, Drink, Feed, Ride 5 Hours, Stroke.

Feeding should be the same as before, although your horse may go up a feed level, ex 8/6 to 10/7.

If you board in the same location as the ride , you should be able to finish rides even with missions before age 5.

Up Next: Training

Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand.




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