Howrse Basic Training and B.L.U.P. Part 3: Training and Comps

Hey Everyone

Today is Part 3 of my Howrse guide. Today’s topic is training and competitions.

Training opens at age 2. For BLUP your equine needs to be trained in the top three skills only. This picture is from my donkey Dusty who has not yet started training. His top three skills from high to low based on gp are Stamina, Jumping, and Dressage. These are indicated by the small triangles to the left of the skill.


Training and Competitions go hand in hand. The easiest way that I have found to get the 20 needed wins is to choose comps where two of your equines top three skills are used in the secondary and tertiary positions. For example a Cross-Country competition uses Stamina, jumping, and dressage in that order. To enter easier competitions, you want to have minimal skills in the primary, Stamina, but high skills in the secondary and tertiary, Dressage and Jumping.

enter-a-cross-country-competition-howrse-3-9-2016-832This is another donkey, who has completed dressage and jumping skills and I am working to earn wins before finishing stamina training.

So how should training be done?

  1. Look at your equine’s gp, this is under the genetics tab. Find the top three skills in order based on gp.
  2. Decide what competitions your equine should do well in based on the top three skills.(More on that below) Choose the competition type, Western or Classical based on which comps they match best.
  3. Train your equine in the 2nd and 3rd skills.
  4. Enter competitions until you have 20 wins in something, they do not all have to be the same competition.
  5. Train the final skill.

Here is what a Training day will look like.

Groom, Mission or 1-2 hour training, mash, carrot, drink, feed same as with rides, train using as close to 90% energy as possible, stroke, bed.



Gallop Race-Gallop, Speed, Dressage

Trot race-Trot, Speed, Dressage

Dressage-Dressage, Trot, Gallop

Show Jumping-Jump, Speed, Dressage

Cross-Country-Stamina, Jump, Dressage


Barrel Race-Speed, Stamina, Gallop

Cutting-Stamina, Dressage, Speed

Western Pleasure-Trot, Stamina, Dressage

Trail-Dressage, Trot, Jump

Reining-Gallop, Dressage, Stamina

You can also earn skill points from competitions. It takes 25 competitions to finish earning a skill. For example, if I had a western horse who needed dressage points, I could enter them in five competitions for each of the western comps and get all of my available points for dressage.

A competition day looks about like such

Groom, Mission or 1 competition, mash, carrot, drink, feed, 4 competitions, stroke if desired, bed.

Please note, that earning the wins may take several horse years, this is the one time where using aging points may not help unless you are just trying to earn skill points. I have found that not using aging points, allows me to enter my horse in more low entry level comps.

Rookie Competitions

Rookie comps are open ONLY to horses who have won less than 20 competitions, and/or have no individual skill, Speed, higher than 450 points. By individual skill I mean points from inborn skills, foal games, rides, training, and comps, NOT gp. This mostly affects skillers, or horses with very high gp and inborn skills.

Other Notes about Competitions

Each Competition takes 2 hours of horse time, and has varying levels of energy use. You can earn bonus items by doing missions, comb, hoof pick, and temporary tub of grease. Having level 2 saddle pads, polo wraps, and bonnets of the same color also gives you a small bonus.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.

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Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand,




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