Book Club:October Wrap-up

Hey Everyone,

It’s the end of the month, and that means that it is time to wrap up our book for the month. This month’s book was Witch World by Andre Norton.


Witch World follows the adventures of Simon Tregarth of Earth in Estecarp. Now Estecarp is an ancient world of witches.The witches are virginal women, who are led by Jaelithe. When Simon frees Jaelithe from Alizon, he joins the guard of Estecarp under Commander Koris.

  • *Please note that Jaelithe is not actually named until the end of the book, she is referred to as “the Witch” throughout the book.*

During the battle for SulcarKeep, with ZOMBIES, the group become split. The men end up with the Falconeers, while the witch ends up in Verlaine. In Verlaine, the witch escapes with Loyse, whose father is trying to marry her off to a duke. Exit the ladies riding ponies. So the witch and Loyse,now Briant shield warrior for the witch, finally meet up with the guys, who by the way have found an ancient ax belonging to an Estecarp hero, and decide to head for Karsten. They trudge their way through Karsten, battling zombies and robo-animated troops, perform some magic and have several crazy adventures along the way. They survive the battle of Gorm, and realize that it is only the beginning of the war. FINITE.

Yes I know, not the greatest summary, but I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not yet read. Also I have been watching videos by Overly Sarcastic Productions all week on Youtube, and this summary was inspired by them.

On wards to thoughts from my live readers here at school.

-Names have power. That is true in any world. In Estecarp, names have literal power over people. Here in our world, names can affect our views both of ourselves and of others around us.

-Yes, this book has some very abrupt transitions, this is most likely due to the fact that at that time, the 1950’s, publishers had a maximum number of pages that they would print, and so many authors cut material that was not perfectly necessary to the story line.


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