Book Club: December

Hey Everyone,

This month we will be reading a short story by my favorite author, Anne McCaffery!

Anne was born in the USA but later moved to Ireland where she lived in Dragonhold-under-Hill. Her son is Todd McCaffery, who joined with her on the later Pern Novels and continued to write for a time after Anne passed away. Anne’s most well known series is Pern, the world of men and dragons that is plagued by the Thread. Our story for the month is part of her Pern collection. She also wrote  several other series including The Rowan, and Acorna which also take place in her Federation Universe.


Our story is entitled The Smallest Dragonboy. This story takes place relatively early in her Pern timeline. This story can be found in our book, Get off the Unicorn, which is a collection of McCaffery’s earlyish short stories. I chose this particular collection as it introduces the reader to most of her story lines.

Enjoy this story, and perhaps take a few minutes this holiday season to sample other stories in the collection.

Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand



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