Howrse: Earning Equs

Hey Everyone,

A recent request to buy a horse for x amount, from another player prompted me to write this post.

How to earn Equs on Howrse

We shall start with the obvious

  1. Sell something
    • That can be a horse, crops, tack, bmi’s, aging points, many items can be sold. To sell items, go to the shop and there is a button on the left that brings you to sell page of the shop. the shop will buy many items for half of what they sell for. to sell bmi’s you have to use the item exchange under the trade tab
  2. Daily Activities
    • Do Missions
    • stroke a horse in the Safe Haven, make sure that if you have an ad blocker it is allowed on howrse, this give you the chance to earn an additional 120e. You can stroke a horse in the haven three times per day with at least an hour between strokes. you may not always get equs, some times you get other things
    • Stroke 5 Xanthos divines. the Xanthos will give you 50 per horse.
  3. Vote on Black Pearl Items
    • Each month on the Creation Space there is a window where you can vote each day for so many player designs for ga coats and backgrounds
  4. Compete
    • Even if you place last you will win equs.
    • if you have a grand prix ticket from a horn of plenty you can enter up to four horses, two per style and earn 500e per horse monday-friday
    • if you have an ec, offer rookie or divine comps which will earn you 500e each time they run, up to once per day if they fill. to help them run more often, make sure you have two horses that meet the comp requirements and enter them daily
  5. Participate
    • play on howrse for a while each day, i often find several equs ufos each day while playing
    • join in on the events, there are always equs prizes or you can sell other items you recieve

Hope this helps a player somewhere, i can be found as jc_gal2017 on the USA and UK servers

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand,



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