Howrse: Speed Blupping and Faux Skillers

Hey Everyone,

Today’s Post is on speed blupping on Howrse. Note, this method does use a few bmi’s, thus this tutorial is intended for a player who has been on at least 6 months or is able and willing to buy passes.

I speed blup my Faux skillers and Pre-Skillers, these are horses with higher gp, greater than 1200 but whose parents may not have had 100 blup, or did not have Aphrodite’s Tears.

They will have:

  • Achilles Heel
  • Philote’s Stroke
  • Sometimes Chronos Timer if I already have one
  • Some if not all of the bonus items including, whip, lunge, boots, and spurs

So here’s how I do it.

  • Foal Games
  • Check Skills, list in name, Ex Tb 1528 M-Sp, D,G (Fake horse)
  • Board in Forest center with trough and shower and all food items for 3 days, changing to Mountain with same requirements when mountain rides begin around age 2 years:
    • 1 year 6 months-1 year 10 months: groom/1.5 hour ride/carrot/drink/feed( suggested fodder and fodder#-2 for oat amount, should put you at 100% energy)/ride 6 hours/stroke/stroke/ride 1.5 hours/bed
    • 2 years-end of both rides:groom/mission/mash/carrot/drink/ride 30 min/feed/ride 6 hours/stroke/stroke/ride 1.5 hours/feed again if needed/bed
    • Note:keep an eye on the points being earned, I always check by sliding the time down 30 min to see if the number change
    • you may be able to throw in 30 minutes of training at the end of the day if your horse go one of the extra energy items like beets or sugar cubes during the day.
  • Training make sure that you are in a center with trough, shower, and all food items, free tack is good too, though you can buy tack as well.
    • Look at the skills again and decide which competitions your horse is best suited to compete in. For Example KWPN is Speed, Dressage, and Jump. I will enter in Show Jumping, Trot, or Gallop Comps as speed and dressage are good skills in all three.
    • Train the Secondary and Tertiary Skills for the comp you want to enter
    • Enter Comps which will improve the second and third skills but try to avoid the first as you want to keep the comp difficulty as low as possible.
    • Once you have bolded the second and third skills enter comps that will improve the first skill, you can begin training the first skill as needed to get wins, no more than an hour at a time to keep difficulty low.
    • Once your horse has 25 wins and has stopped earning skill from comps finish training the primary skill.

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