Howrse: Managing an EC

Hey Everyone,

Today I will be sharing my tips and tricks to manage your ec.

  1. Equs- the equs you earn with your horses and when you make profit in your ec all goes in the same pot. So when you are fist starting up your ec Take it slow!
    1. I make my ec earn its own funds to some extent.
      1. Start with the largest meadow or green house you can afford. I recommend a green house first as you will be able to grow all month long. plant carrots or flax using fertilizer, manure if possible. these two crops are good cash crops, and the flax can be used as bedding or to make blankets, wraps, or bonnets.
      2. Get a meadow and plant apples. Each fall you will have a crop that can either be used in mashes or sold for equs.
      3. Set up competitions, Divine or Rookie only comps will earn 500 equs each time they run.
  2. Buy a workshop
    1. The workshop can make anything your center needs, typically for cheaper than you can buy it at the shop.
      1. Small workshops make 1 set of items, Medium makes 2, and Large makes 3. These are made in the same amount time, however the larger the workshop the more items you get in the same manufacturing time.
      2. Wait to build items such as boxes or showers until you have earned all the materials first. Example forest center, earn wood for the box, then buy sand and metal for box shower and trough.
      3. New as of February 2017 you can move your center ONCE per 30 days for 1 pass. So if you want to build all your boxes with extras, start in the Forest, move to beach, then move to mountain. You can earn 1 free pass every thirty days with the loyal players pass.
  3. Start building Boxes
    1. If you are trying to build a high prestige center you need at least 100 3* boxes with showers. You can build boxes slowly over time, or if your center is already established slowly replace smaller older boxes. Note that destroying old boxes does not give you any equs nor do you get to keep any showers or troughs already in the box.
    2. Never build more boxes than you have double the pasturage for, so that you can rotate pastures to maintain high fertility levels. Ex 10 boxes have 20 acres pasture.
    3. Bed with flax for higher prestige, always grow your own bedding, whether straw or flax.
  4. Other tips:
    1. You can set the mission ratio of lessons to gathering
    2. Always grow crops in as many fields as possible- money and supplies
    3. You can reserve all the boxes to yourself as you are setting up.
    4. You do not have to offer items as a public center all items made in workshops go straight into your personal inventory, this will affect prestige.

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