Spin-away #1: Fiber Preparation on a major budget-Tools

Hey everyone,

In the last Yarntastic Adventures I mentioned that I am now the proud owner of a Honeybee Spin’n’ply spinning wheel. This wheel was my gift to myself, through working extra shifts at work.

Anyway, today I really wanted to talk about preparing fiber on a major budget.

So since I am just starting to prepare my own fiber for spinning I do not have tons of cash to spend, after college is another story. Currently my fiber prep tools consist of

  • Andis Dog Brushes (about 90 tpi)
  • Grooming Combs
  • The spare key for my file cabinet
  • A sweater snag hook, think mini latch-hook
  • A diy Niddy-noddy
  • several woolite laundry bags
  • and a spare solid plastic trashcan



The Niddy-Noddy Was made using two heavy cardboard rolls, and duct tape. Water resistant, and mostly free, also no having to deal with pvc.

I use the dog brushes and combs just the same a standard fiber tools, just with smaller amounts of fiber. I can then make mini batts, rolags, or rovings. I use the key hole as my diz and start the roving through with the snag fixer. I can also wash some raw fibers in the laundry bags using the trashcan as my wash tub.


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