Yarntastic Knitting Adventures #3

Hey everyone,

So I have been quite a busy bee since the last yarntastic post. My purple sweater is coming along nicely. The body is finished, and now I just have the sleeves and neckline to complete

I finally finished a year and half long endeavor in knitting a giant Cable Sampler Scarf by Debbie Macomber back in late November. Seriously, this thing is longer than I am with my arms as high as I can reach. I am 4’8″ and the scarf is about 6′.

I am currently in love with my Twinfit dressmakers dummy. It is wonderful to be able to fit and photograph as I go without having to get a friend to help.

I have started and frogged and restarted a lace shawl. This shawl began on my summer trip to the Northeastern usa, where I picked up 7 skeins of lace weight baby alpaca in a blue/green color. It got frogged and restarted when I found a dark purple wool blend yarn by Lotus at a local odds and ends shop. I also changed patterns to one from ravelry, Steampunk Kerchief. The new pattern has eyelets up the center and along the edge.

And finally there will be a new post series involving my lastest fiber tool aquisition, A Honeybee Spin’n’Ply spinning wheel!


Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand,



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