Howrse: Breed Training-Donkey

Hey everyone,

There are some breeds that may be able to be trained more quickly using a breed customized training/Blup schedule. For these schedules, the only “items” needed will be a center with all food items, shower, and trough. It can be done without the shower and trough, it will just take longer.

I will be slowly creating a few breed customized schedules as time permits.

Todays customized schedule: Donkeys.

Donkeys are the only breed whose gp will go down, this is desireable and the goal of many donkey teams and breeding groups.

Top three skills are Stamina, Dressage, and Jumping. Donkeys do best in Classical Competitions.

  1. Complete Foal Games, just as with other horses, this will help with competitions, and will not effect gp or blup.
  2. We want to earn all the dressage and jump points first. Forest rides: Groom, Mission, Mash, Carrot, Water, 1 hr forest(with shower&trough or 30 min without), Feed( always feed 8 oat and recommended forage), 5 hr forest, stroke, bed. Repeat until Forest rides are complete.
  3. Train Dressage and Speed. Groom, Mission, Mash, Carrot, Water, 1 hr train, Feed, Train until energy ~10%, but not past21:30, stroke bed.
    1. Dressage, you may be able to train until 22:00 and still have 20% energy. Never go past 22:00 with less than 20% energy, it will mess up the schedule the next day.
  4. Enter show jumping comps, until no more skill is gained, ~25 comps.
  5. Train Jumping.
  6. Enter Cross-Country Comps until you have 25 wins.
  7. Complete Mountain Rides.
  8. Train Stamina.
  9. Train Trot and Gallop,and enter requisite comps if bolding.

Yes, training with speed slows down the process slightly, however, it increases your chances of getting wins in show jump comps.

Other tips, only enter Donkey Competitions, this keeps your donkey from competing with the skillers and other rookies.

I enter them in x-country, then show jump, then trot and gallop races then dressage comps. If one comp has no active donkey competions I move to the next one, just watch the energy levels and time. Most donkeys will have a few wins in every comp. This image is from Jenny on my UK acount.



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