Spin-away #2: Working for consistancy

Hey Everyone,

So this time, my bobbin is filling with Brown Jacob wool. It is a lovely dark brown with a bit of cream mixed in, giving it a almost heathery purple hue.


I have one full bobbin and one partial bobbin, and I had finished my first 1/2 lb ball of roving. I wanted to have *Hopefully* similar lengths of singles on each bobbin for plying. So what am I to do, with no scale to use?

Make an improvised balance!


So since my spinning is still less than consistent, my hope is that by spinning similar weights of wool per bobbin, I will end up with about the same length of yarn*Crossing fingers*. Now since I already have yarn on both bobbins, I am also basing my balance on the belief that the bobbins have a similar mass when empty. So I tossed one bobbin per bag, and hung it where it could tilt freely as I removed lengths of roving from my second 1/2 lb of roving until the hanger appeared to be relatively level.


The extra lengths of roving have been set aside for later use, or to be added to the next couple pounds when I have saved up my crafting budget once more. I fully intend to order several more pounds of this lovely Brown Jacob from AlbaRanch again. The Goal project is a Sontag Shawl. We shall see where the spinning and knitting adventures take me this time…

Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.



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