Keeva and the Sword

Hey Everyone,

So a friend introduced me to Wattpad recently. I have decided to post my story there, and keep the blog more for my games, crafting, and reading club.  Any how, here is my cover for the story, I found the main image via google and added text using paint. Image source is Dreamtime.


So far I have uploaded Part 1, which can also be found here on the blog, as well as 2 yes 2 brand new sections, never before seen by my viewers! PLEASE, go check it out, and leave a comment or like, any feedback is appreciated.

Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand,




Howrse: Speed Blupping and Faux Skillers

Hey Everyone,

Today’s Post is on speed blupping on Howrse. Note, this method does use a few bmi’s, thus this tutorial is intended for a player who has been on at least 6 months or is able and willing to buy passes.

I speed blup my Faux skillers and Pre-Skillers, these are horses with higher gp, greater than 1200 but whose parents may not have had 100 blup, or did not have Aphrodite’s Tears.

They will have:

  • Achilles Heel
  • Philote’s Stroke
  • Sometimes Chronos Timer if I already have one
  • Some if not all of the bonus items including, whip, lunge, boots, and spurs

So here’s how I do it.

  • Foal Games
  • Check Skills, list in name, Ex Tb 1528 M-Sp, D,G (Fake horse)
  • Board in Forest center with trough and shower and all food items for 3 days, changing to Mountain with same requirements when mountain rides begin around age 2 years:
    • 1 year 6 months-1 year 10 months: groom/1.5 hour ride/carrot/drink/feed( suggested fodder and fodder#-2 for oat amount, should put you at 100% energy)/ride 6 hours/stroke/stroke/ride 1.5 hours/bed
    • 2 years-end of both rides:groom/mission/mash/carrot/drink/ride 30 min/feed/ride 6 hours/stroke/stroke/ride 1.5 hours/feed again if needed/bed
    • Note:keep an eye on the points being earned, I always check by sliding the time down 30 min to see if the number change
    • you may be able to throw in 30 minutes of training at the end of the day if your horse go one of the extra energy items like beets or sugar cubes during the day.
  • Training make sure that you are in a center with trough, shower, and all food items, free tack is good too, though you can buy tack as well.
    • Look at the skills again and decide which competitions your horse is best suited to compete in. For Example KWPN is Speed, Dressage, and Jump. I will enter in Show Jumping, Trot, or Gallop Comps as speed and dressage are good skills in all three.
    • Train the Secondary and Tertiary Skills for the comp you want to enter
    • Enter Comps which will improve the second and third skills but try to avoid the first as you want to keep the comp difficulty as low as possible.
    • Once you have bolded the second and third skills enter comps that will improve the first skill, you can begin training the first skill as needed to get wins, no more than an hour at a time to keep difficulty low.
    • Once your horse has 25 wins and has stopped earning skill from comps finish training the primary skill.

Book Club: December Wrap and January Opener


Hey Everyone,

So last month, December 2016 we read My Favorite short story by my favorite Author.

The Smallest Dragonboy by Anne McCaffery.

I first met this story in my high school freshman writing and composition textbook. It had a picture of a dragon, what else was I supposed to do besides read?

Keevan is the smallest of the candidates for the current clutch of telepathic dragons eggs. In this story Keevan must deal with the bully, and overcome seemingly impossible odds to make it to the hatching. Will he make it to the hatching, be chosen and become K’van, or will his dreams be put on hold for good?


So because we are getting a late start into January, please continue enjoying short stories from Decembers book. I look forward to hearing and seeing which stories were your favorites.

Howrse: Earning Equs

Hey Everyone,

A recent request to buy a horse for x amount, from another player prompted me to write this post.

How to earn Equs on Howrse

We shall start with the obvious

  1. Sell something
    • That can be a horse, crops, tack, bmi’s, aging points, many items can be sold. To sell items, go to the shop and there is a button on the left that brings you to sell page of the shop. the shop will buy many items for half of what they sell for. to sell bmi’s you have to use the item exchange under the trade tab
  2. Daily Activities
    • Do Missions
    • stroke a horse in the Safe Haven, make sure that if you have an ad blocker it is allowed on howrse, this give you the chance to earn an additional 120e. You can stroke a horse in the haven three times per day with at least an hour between strokes. you may not always get equs, some times you get other things
    • Stroke 5 Xanthos divines. the Xanthos will give you 50 per horse.
  3. Vote on Black Pearl Items
    • Each month on the Creation Space there is a window where you can vote each day for so many player designs for ga coats and backgrounds
  4. Compete
    • Even if you place last you will win equs.
    • if you have a grand prix ticket from a horn of plenty you can enter up to four horses, two per style and earn 500e per horse monday-friday
    • if you have an ec, offer rookie or divine comps which will earn you 500e each time they run, up to once per day if they fill. to help them run more often, make sure you have two horses that meet the comp requirements and enter them daily
  5. Participate
    • play on howrse for a while each day, i often find several equs ufos each day while playing
    • join in on the events, there are always equs prizes or you can sell other items you recieve

Hope this helps a player somewhere, i can be found as jc_gal2017 on the USA and UK servers

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand,


Book Club: December

Hey Everyone,

This month we will be reading a short story by my favorite author, Anne McCaffery!

Anne was born in the USA but later moved to Ireland where she lived in Dragonhold-under-Hill. Her son is Todd McCaffery, who joined with her on the later Pern Novels and continued to write for a time after Anne passed away. Anne’s most well known series is Pern, the world of men and dragons that is plagued by the Thread. Our story for the month is part of her Pern collection. She also wrote  several other series including The Rowan, and Acorna which also take place in her Federation Universe.


Our story is entitled The Smallest Dragonboy. This story takes place relatively early in her Pern timeline. This story can be found in our book, Get off the Unicorn, which is a collection of McCaffery’s earlyish short stories. I chose this particular collection as it introduces the reader to most of her story lines.

Enjoy this story, and perhaps take a few minutes this holiday season to sample other stories in the collection.

Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand


Book Club: November Wrap-Up

Hey everyone,

During November we read A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony. I will admit that I did not read this month, although I have read and enjoyed this book in the past. Hey, don’t give me that look, College comes first, I only have a Semester and a week between me and graduation. So for anyone who did go visit Xanth, I do hope that you enjoyed Anthony’s peninsula of puns. For those who could not find the time to read, here is the book description from Goodreads.


“Xanth was the enchanted land where magic ruled – where every citizen had a special spell only he could cast. It was a land of centaurs and dragons and basilisks.

For Bink of North Village, however, Xanth was no fairy tale. He alone had no magic. And unless he got some – and got some fast! – he would be exiled. Forever!

But the Good Magician Humfrey was convinced that Bink did indeed have magic. In fact, both Beauregard the genie and the magic wall chart insisted that Bink had magic. Magic as powerful as any possessed by the King or by Good Magician Humfrey – or even by the Evil Magician Trent

Be that as it may, no one could fathom the nature of Bink’s very special magic. Bink was in despair. This was even worse than having no magic at all..and he would still be exiled!”

Next month a journey with the Dragon Lady, Anne McCaffery!

Until we meet again, May God Hold you in the palm of His Hand,


Book Club: November

Hey Everyone,

It is time for me to introduce the author of the month, Piers Anthony. He was born in 1934 and is still humoring us with his puns today. He is classified under science fiction and fantasy for both adults and young adults. His most prolific series is the Xanth Chronicles which currently has over 40 books.

Our book of the month is A Spell for Chameleon, which is the first book in the Xanth Chronicles.


A Spell for Chameleon was a winner of the British Fantasy Society Best Novel award. Here we shall be introduced to Bink and Magician Humphries and the wonderful, and pun-tastic world of Xanth.


Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand,


Book Club:October Wrap-up

Hey Everyone,

It’s the end of the month, and that means that it is time to wrap up our book for the month. This month’s book was Witch World by Andre Norton.


Witch World follows the adventures of Simon Tregarth of Earth in Estecarp. Now Estecarp is an ancient world of witches.The witches are virginal women, who are led by Jaelithe. When Simon frees Jaelithe from Alizon, he joins the guard of Estecarp under Commander Koris.

  • *Please note that Jaelithe is not actually named until the end of the book, she is referred to as “the Witch” throughout the book.*

During the battle for SulcarKeep, with ZOMBIES, the group become split. The men end up with the Falconeers, while the witch ends up in Verlaine. In Verlaine, the witch escapes with Loyse, whose father is trying to marry her off to a duke. Exit the ladies riding ponies. So the witch and Loyse,now Briant shield warrior for the witch, finally meet up with the guys, who by the way have found an ancient ax belonging to an Estecarp hero, and decide to head for Karsten. They trudge their way through Karsten, battling zombies and robo-animated troops, perform some magic and have several crazy adventures along the way. They survive the battle of Gorm, and realize that it is only the beginning of the war. FINITE.

Yes I know, not the greatest summary, but I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not yet read. Also I have been watching videos by Overly Sarcastic Productions all week on Youtube, and this summary was inspired by them.

On wards to thoughts from my live readers here at school.

-Names have power. That is true in any world. In Estecarp, names have literal power over people. Here in our world, names can affect our views both of ourselves and of others around us.

-Yes, this book has some very abrupt transitions, this is most likely due to the fact that at that time, the 1950’s, publishers had a maximum number of pages that they would print, and so many authors cut material that was not perfectly necessary to the story line.

Howrse Basic Training and B.L.U.P. Part 3: Training and Comps

Hey Everyone

Today is Part 3 of my Howrse guide. Today’s topic is training and competitions.

Training opens at age 2. For BLUP your equine needs to be trained in the top three skills only. This picture is from my donkey Dusty who has not yet started training. His top three skills from high to low based on gp are Stamina, Jumping, and Dressage. These are indicated by the small triangles to the left of the skill.


Training and Competitions go hand in hand. The easiest way that I have found to get the 20 needed wins is to choose comps where two of your equines top three skills are used in the secondary and tertiary positions. For example a Cross-Country competition uses Stamina, jumping, and dressage in that order. To enter easier competitions, you want to have minimal skills in the primary, Stamina, but high skills in the secondary and tertiary, Dressage and Jumping.

enter-a-cross-country-competition-howrse-3-9-2016-832This is another donkey, who has completed dressage and jumping skills and I am working to earn wins before finishing stamina training.

So how should training be done?

  1. Look at your equine’s gp, this is under the genetics tab. Find the top three skills in order based on gp.
  2. Decide what competitions your equine should do well in based on the top three skills.(More on that below) Choose the competition type, Western or Classical based on which comps they match best.
  3. Train your equine in the 2nd and 3rd skills.
  4. Enter competitions until you have 20 wins in something, they do not all have to be the same competition.
  5. Train the final skill.

Here is what a Training day will look like.

Groom, Mission or 1-2 hour training, mash, carrot, drink, feed same as with rides, train using as close to 90% energy as possible, stroke, bed.



Gallop Race-Gallop, Speed, Dressage

Trot race-Trot, Speed, Dressage

Dressage-Dressage, Trot, Gallop

Show Jumping-Jump, Speed, Dressage

Cross-Country-Stamina, Jump, Dressage


Barrel Race-Speed, Stamina, Gallop

Cutting-Stamina, Dressage, Speed

Western Pleasure-Trot, Stamina, Dressage

Trail-Dressage, Trot, Jump

Reining-Gallop, Dressage, Stamina

You can also earn skill points from competitions. It takes 25 competitions to finish earning a skill. For example, if I had a western horse who needed dressage points, I could enter them in five competitions for each of the western comps and get all of my available points for dressage.

A competition day looks about like such

Groom, Mission or 1 competition, mash, carrot, drink, feed, 4 competitions, stroke if desired, bed.

Please note, that earning the wins may take several horse years, this is the one time where using aging points may not help unless you are just trying to earn skill points. I have found that not using aging points, allows me to enter my horse in more low entry level comps.

Rookie Competitions

Rookie comps are open ONLY to horses who have won less than 20 competitions, and/or have no individual skill, Speed, higher than 450 points. By individual skill I mean points from inborn skills, foal games, rides, training, and comps, NOT gp. This mostly affects skillers, or horses with very high gp and inborn skills.

Other Notes about Competitions

Each Competition takes 2 hours of horse time, and has varying levels of energy use. You can earn bonus items by doing missions, comb, hoof pick, and temporary tub of grease. Having level 2 saddle pads, polo wraps, and bonnets of the same color also gives you a small bonus.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.

Howrse: Basic Training and B.L.U.P Schedule/Plan Part 1: Preparation

Howrse: Basic Training and B.L.U.P Part 2: Rides

Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand,



Howrse: Basic Training and B.L.U.P Part 2: Rides

Hey Everyone,

Today I will be going over the first stage of Blup: Rides.

All foals can do Foal Games to earn 60 extra skill points, 10 per skill. Player Dr. Zig has one of the best foal game schedules currently. Foal games are not required, but they will help with competitions. I will not be covering foal games at this time as many other players have done so quite will.

Your equine is now age 1 year 6 months. The option to play has been replaced by a Mash icon, which you will be able to use after age 2. The Rides bar is now visible, and you can do either Forest or Mountain Rides.


Each ride give skill to the six skills based on gp, so some skills will earn more points at a time. You will need to complete both rides to fully train your horse. You will finish the rides faster in a center of the same location, Forest rides while boarding at a forest center, etc. It can take up to 20 agings to finish each ride type since each ride needs 100 ride hours if you are not in the same center. If you horse is boarded in the same location, you only need 50 ride hours or about 10 agings. So without further ado here is the ride schedule for the first 4 ride agings, each is done the same way for 1.6-2.0.

Groom, ride 1 hour, carrot, drink, feed(see below), ride 5 hours, stroke, bed.


You want to feed the entire ration at once. You are also looking for maximum energy for the remainder of the day. Since you are normally feeding once per day here are the most common ratios of Fodder and Oats. Please note that some ponies and occasionally draught horse 2s will need slight changes.

8 Fodder=6 oat

10 Fodder= 7 oat

12 Fodder =9 oat

14 Fodder=11 oat

16 Fodder=12 oat

This Schedule works for all breeds and species.The day should end by 18:00 with 20%-25% energy.

Now once your equine is 2 years and 2 month, you get a few more things.

Mash and Missions.

Mash provide 10 energy points, 10 moral points, and 5 health points.


You will either do lessons or transport resources, depending on the center’s director. It can change day to day. Missions take 2 hours of time and 30 energy points. But you also gain at least .2 points in the top two skill for your horse, and Equus.  These skill points are in addition to genetic, much like foal games. You will only gain points up to age 25. Note: you are not required to do Missions and will be able to blup faster without then, BUT they are an easy way to gain equus and skill points and you often find bonuses such as comb, hoof pick, or tub of grease. If you decide not to do missions, you can use the same schedule as earlier. If you are doing missions:

Groom, Mission, Mash, Carrot, Drink, Feed, Ride 5 Hours, Stroke.

Feeding should be the same as before, although your horse may go up a feed level, ex 8/6 to 10/7.

If you board in the same location as the ride , you should be able to finish rides even with missions before age 5.

Up Next: Training

Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand.